Middle Creek Licenses 

The first license on Middle Creek (also referred to as Medicine Creek) was issued to A.H. and A. D McKinnon for the irrigation of 710 acres with the point of diversion being located on the north east quarter of section 24, township 5, range 1 west of the fourth meridian. Their application to develop an irrigation system was dated September 5, 1903 and the project was authorized in August 1906. An additional 20 licenses were issued on Middle Creek by 1908. These included licenses 19, held by M. M. and D. E. Spangler for an irrigation project the diversion of which was located on the north east quarter of section 26, township 2, range 30 west of the 3rd meridian. This was the largest project created on Middle Creek to 1908 covering a total of 1,240 acres.